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At Gann Partnership, we have two separate and distinct, yet uniquely complementary functions. In one of these functions, through LPL Financial we provide objective, unbiased financial planning and active investment management for individuals, families, and businesses. We do not believe in the ubiquitous, yet simplistic asset allocation pie chart models that do not address risks and opportunities that exist in real time. We do not ascribe to a simple buy and hold (otherwise known as buy and hope) approach. We believe that true diversification incorporates assets and strategies beyond long-only stock and bond investing. And, we believe that different market conditions demand different strategies and types of investments. We take great pride in our research and our record of delivering investment products and strategies for which only few have ever been previously educated or exposed.

In our other capacity, we leverage and combine our financial planning, tax and estate planning as well as active investment management knowledge and experience to serve as a certified divorce financial analyst. In this capacity, we are guided by the principle that even if marriage is not forever, family is. How a couple handles this most challenging chapter of its life will have a direct and permanent impact on the family unit. And, since separation and divorce are all about family preservation, finances, and division of property, a team-oriented approach that incorporates financial planning specifically as it relates to issues surrounding separation and divorce helps to assure the most favorable outcome for all parties.